Parent Learning Circles

Learning for Parents and Grandparents

Reflect on Parenting as a Jewish Practice

Your (grand)children have so much fun learning when they’re here, and we want to extend that opportunity to you, too! Come to Makom Community for our new Parent Learning Circles. Each topic parallels our learning in afterschool enrichment and invites you to reflect on parenting as a Jewish practice.

You are invited to come solo or with your spouse, partner, or your child’s grandparents and jump into Jewish wisdom! We’ll delve into the text together and take the opportunity to examine how each text could be applied to our practice as parents. Parenting is a TOUGH job, and we can all use company and support along the way. Join us on these Saturday afternoons to gain and share perspective and be part of a community of parents raising kids together in Jewish community.

We’ll ask questions like these:

  • What’s the wisdom here?
  • How does that support or challenge the way I already see this?
  • How could that shape my practice as a parent?
  • Who else has gone through something like this with their child?

Cost: $15/adult

INCLUDES activities for your children while you’re busy learning!

Upcoming Sessions

March 16, 2019 Getting to Freedom!

On seder night (April 19 this year!), we tell the story of the Jewish people getting to freedom! Then why does seder sometimes feel like such drudgery? Join us to delve into the text of the Hagaddah. Explore how to have a freeing seder with your family, and even how to feel freer as a parent and grandparent all the time.

May 4, 2019 Moving from “Grumph!” to “Wow!”

Does parenting make you say “Grumph!” or “Wow!” more often? “Grumph!” moments can get overwhelming. Jewish ritual can lend our parenting more moments of “Wow!” if we plan for it. We’ll examine rituals that could move us from the daily grind of parenting to radical amazement instead.