Shabbat Programming

Shabbat Programming at Makom Community

Celebrate Friday Evenings with the Makom Community

We create moments of quality family time on Shabbat in lots of different ways. Our goal is to empower all parents and kids to interpret and transmit Jewish ideas for their families in a way that works for each family’s life. In coming together for Shabbat each person has the opportunity to connect with people who share their goals for urban Jewish life.

Visit our calendar to see when each of these fabulous celebrations are happening!

Family Shabbat
Once a month at 5:30pm, we gather for Friday night services filled with ruach– energy, age-appropriate activities, and movement for children and adults. This fun, family-oriented Shabbat celebration is always open to the community.

Parallel Learning
Once a month from 5:30 to 6:15pm, we gather for a kid/adult parallel learning experience. We connect parents with the content from afterschool enrichment and invite them to think about it in the context of their parenting practice. Meanwhile, kids dive into an activity that wraps up our week of exploration. We come together at the end of the evening to share our findings with each other.

Home-Hosted Shabbat Meals
Two Fridays a month, we help coordinate home hosted Shabbat meals between all of you. If you are interested in hosting or attending one of these meals, email Noa at!

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