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Tuesday October 25 – Lesson Planning for Teachers
7:30-9pm ET
Makom Community educators create curricula and lesson plans based on a framework called Understanding by Design. In this session, we will go over what a Big Idea and an Enduring Understanding are. We will then focus on building out questions and activities together from a set of goals and a text.
Facilitator: Gaby Marantz

Tuesday November 15 – Tefilah
7:30-9pm ET

How does Tefilah support us in cultivating practices of mindfulness? How does Tefilah offer another mode of connection for learners who don’t connect as well in moments that demand verbal participation? Jewish Placemaking offers a variety of tools to support our learners in making meaning of Tefilah, connecting to their own inner voice, and connecting with their prayer community through the experience. Join us to learn about the theory behind how we facilitate Tefilah at Makom Community, experience it yourself, and reflect on what you saw.
Facilitators: Gaby Marantz & Beverly Socher-Lerner

Tuesday January 10 – Family Engagement
12-1pm ET, followed by office hours 1-1:30pm ET
How do we bridge the gap from the home to the Jewish classroom? We will set aside the old Family Programming manual of bagels, social halls, and arts and crafts and begin with your school’s values. We will learn how to engage your families so they are companions to their child’s classroom learning, creating an experience of family programming that feels holistic and not a one-off. Finally, we will discuss how to create a community of families where everyone enters the Jewish space on equal footing and not based on prior knowledge.
Facilitator: Beverly Socher-Lerner

Tuesday February 7 – Moving from Transactional Intake Processes to Relational Enrollment
7:30-9pm ET

As educators we understand the importance of relationships within our classrooms and with our families. It is how we build trust and create vibrant learning environments. In this session we will learn how to take our relational skills to ensure that they care into the administration of our schools. This session is great to attend with your administrator and Executive Director.
Facilitator: Terri Soifer

Tuesday April 25 – Changemaking
12-1pm ET, followed by office hours 1-1:30pm ET

How do we build from where we are to where we’d like to be? In this session, we’ll invite you to reflect on where things are in your community right now, offer tools for you to find out more about what other members of your community see and hear, and show you a process to take that information and move toward your dreams. We’ll bring tools of reverse-design to support you as you decide what the next steps are toward creating the school or community of your dreams.
Facilitator: Beverly Socher-Lerner

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