How do words of Torah change a home?


Saying words of Torah in my house makes my house more welcoming, more like a home.” – A wise fourth grader.  This week we continued exploring Shema, specifically the verse that says “speak [Torah] when you’re sitting in your house”.  We unpacked what it means to say words of Torah in our houses and what that does for ourselves and our communities. 

Home is… 

  • A place with people you love. 
  • A place that you feel welcome. 
  • Somewhere that you live and enjoy your life. 
  • A place where there is food.
  •  A place where you can be yourself. 
  • A place with animals. 
  • Not necessarily a house. 
  • The bathroom at school. 

How do you feel when you’re in your house? 

  • Tired 
  • Relaxed
  • Cozy  
  • Safe 
  • Good 
  • Happy 
  • And if I’m mad I feel mad. 

What are other places where you feel that way? 

  • Park 
  • Makom 
  • Camp 
  • Friends house 

What are some ways I can speak words of Torah in my house? 

  • Try not to argue with the other people who live there. 
  • Saying Shema. 
  • Focus. When I am focused and paying more attention I can be more careful with my actions and words. 
  • Using polite words like please and thank you. 

To whom am I speaking words of Torah in my house? 

  • Family 
  • God
  • Myself 

How does it change me to speak words of Torah in my house? 

  • I am listening to God. 
  • It makes me happier. 
  • It makes me think about other people.  

Check out our younger kiddos showing off pictures they drew of their houses, and the word map our older kiddos made, detailing what home is to them! 


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