Can You Escape Makom Community?

Only if you know your Shema! This week we made a big project that was the culmination of what we have been learning about for the past couple months.  The project was a build-your-own Escape Room!


We split the kiddos into three groups, taught them a few puzzles they could choose from and some tricks of the trade, and let them have at it! It ended up turning into something of a three-part escape, starting in The Bean Bag Room, going into The Snacktime Area, and concluding in a grand escape from The Carpet Area.

The first escape room required escapers to recite the first line of V’ahavta, locate a mezuzah, and unlock 6 locks by saying 6 numbers in Ivrit(Hebrew). There was even an extra credit bonus if you could say 1000 in Ivrit.

The second room featured the room designers in costume, staged around the room to present the puzzles to the escapers.  Escapers were required to recite all of V’ahavta with hand motions, label the parts of a giant mezuzah, and decode some Gematria.

The last group had their escapers find pieces of a puzzle with the Aleph Bet on it, put it together, correctly place a Mezuzah, and decode some more Gematria!

With only seconds left on the clock, the kiddos banded together to solve the final puzzles and escape. Stay tuned for more exciting camp day adventures!

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