Thunderbolts and Lightning, Very Very Frightening!

Thunderbolts and Lightning, Very Very Frightening!

This week we are learning all about thunder, lighting and rainbows and exploring the ways we can appreciate them as parts of creation, even though they can be scary.  We are spending time talking about how these elements feel, what they look and sound like, how we feel about them, and the science behind them. We are learning the brachot (blessings) we say when we see them, and we are making up our own brachot! Take a look to see some of the brachot your prayerful kiddos came up with!

  • Wow God! How does lightning cut down trees?
  • Hey God, can I go to the end of that rainbow?
  • Hey God, can I get the bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow?
These kiddos are doing some lyrical interpretation of “Rainbow Connection
  • Hey God, do not strike my house!!
  • Wow God! Lightning is so hot and strong!
  • Oh my God, God! Why did you send this storm down?!
  • Wow God, this storm is so scary and I like it! Can you make it really loud?!
  • Wow God, your lightning is so powerful!
These kiddos are embodying some of the things in nature that make us say, “wow!”
  • Hey God, could you make the thunder a little quitter? Sometimes it happens at night and it is too loud!
  • *lyrics to Thunder by Imagine Dragons*
  • Hey God, could you stop the thunder, my house might explode!
  • Wow God, this storm is so cooooooooooooooooooooool!
  • Hey God, how do rainbows work?

  • Wow God, how does lightning be so strong?!
  • Hey God, could you zap me with lightning so I can be stronger?
  • Wow God, thank you for this cool thing that happens!
Kiddos uncovering the full spectrum of the rainbow.

We love watching your kiddos pave their own way, and assert their own values and beliefs about the world. At Makom Community, Jewish wisdom is here to guide us and for us to be in conversation with and build upon. Stay tuned next week for an exploration of smells!


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