Summer Camp Sneak Peek!

Summer Camp Sneak Peek!

Summer will be here before you know it, so save the dates for our June and August camps! This summer, explore the holiday of Shavuot, dive into Harry Potter and the Torah, make some fantastic tie-dye, and more! See more details below, or check out our website to enroll in the schedules and days that work just right for your family.

Early bird pricing for June camp days ends May 18. Early bird pricing for August camp days ends July 20. Sign up here!

  • Monday, June 15 Stand Up and Count
    It’s a census year! Explore what it means to be a citizen, and help us count the people of B’nai Yisrael.
  • Tuesday, June 16 Smith Playground +$15
    Join us for a fabulous field trip to Smith Playground. Giant slides and monkey bars await! 
  • Wednesday, June 17 Cheesecake galore!
    Dive into the summer festival of Shavuot with some fantastic projects!
  • Thursday, June 18 Crazy Colors
    We are sure to have fun on this colorful camp day. Don’t forget something to tie-dye! 
  • Friday, June 19 Shabbat Shalom
    Make candles, weave a challah cover, and get ready for the day of rest!

  • Monday, August 17 You Be the Judge
    How did Moses create a justice system for the people of Israel? Come find out! 
  • Tuesday, August 18 Pep Bowl +$15
    We’re going bowling! Remember your socks!
  • Wednesday, August 19 Hanukkah in August
    Celebrate the festival of lights with us (in August!) with a fabulous day of projects and activities.
  • Thursday, August 20 Jump To It +$15
    We’re headed to a fabulous field trip of climbing walls and bouncy castles!
  • Friday, August 21 Outer Space
    Build a bottle rocket and dress like an alien. This camp day is sure to be out of this world!
  • Monday, August 24 2020 Summer Olympics
    Cheer for your favorite country and join us for an awesome day of games and sports!
  • Tuesday, August 25 Smith Playground +$15
    Join us for a fabulous field trip to Smith Playground. Giant slides and monkey bars await! 
  • Wednesday, August 26 Harry Potter and the Torah
    We are off to Hogwarts to learn about the Torah! Make a wand, learn some spells, and see all the magic that Judaism has to offer.
  • Thursday, August 27 Franklin Institute +$25
    So much to explore and learn! Join us at the Franklin Institute.
  • Friday, August 28 One Crazy Time
    Fantastic projects and activities await us for this crazy camp day! Join us as we leave Egypt and attain freedom!

Curious what a camp day looks like? Check out our Winter Break schedules to see how much fun we have! If you have questions about camp, please contact Noa Urbaitel, our Camp Coordinator at or (484) 278-1335

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