End-of-School-Year Brachot (Blessings)

End-of-School-Year Brachot (Blessings)

What a year it’s been! We are eternally grateful to you all for powering, learning, and growing through it with us. Your kiddos brighten our days and bring us to tears with their empathy and wisdom. It’s a privilege and an honor to have you all in our community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here are some favorite Makom Community memories that we had from this year. Lots of them are from these last few months of distance learning. May we all continue to find joy and beauty in the difficult things:

  • Superlative jeopardy
  • Shorashim playing Jeopardy together
  • Telling a silly story about a fish and relating it to Torah
  • Madlibs and the funny song we made up
  • Running races in the alley outside
  • Elmos at in Garinim
  • Haha game during Adar
  • Hearing and sharing silly stories
  • Tefilah because I love learning new languages
  • When we got to pie Noa in the face, right in the mouth
  • On Purim when we came in costume and got to eat soft pretzels
  • When I got to meet all of you for the first time
  • When we watched movies and all got to be with our friends
  • Lighting Shabbat candles for the first time
  • Shabbat treat
  • Family Shabbat dinner
  • Cuddling under the table while waiting for candle lighting
  • Eating challah

And here are some beautiful brachot (blessings) kiddos created for each other on the second-to-last day of school with our well-wishes and hopes for the upcoming summer and beyond:

  • Asher T., may your minecraft adventures be fruitful and all your building projects be successful.
  • Clara, may your summer be full of hugs and fun. May you have a great new school year.
  • Solomon, may your summer be full of ice cream and hugs.
  • I bless Isabella to remember all the good times we had together and not feel sad that we’re leaving her.
  • May Selah have a wiggly, cuddly summer full of unicorns and hammock time with her family.
  • I bless everyone to find new friends next year.
  • May Gaby come back to my house.
  • Eva, may you always have a good book to read.
  • For everyone, if you end up getting sick with the virus, may you not give it to anyone else.
  • Raviv, may you enjoy your time at the Poconos!
  • Zach, may you have the best nights’ sleep and hopefully soon the best sleepovers in your new bed.
  • Tobin, may you be the best dinosaur you can be.

  • Alex – We miss you so much! May you return to Makom happy. May you continue to have a great smile, a great attitude, and continue to be the loving kiddo you are. 
  • Heath – May you have internet so you can do fun things over the summer, may you have lots of fun with Poppy this summer, and may we see you soon.
  • Aliza E – May your TV still work so you can watch Descendants. May you learn lots on YouTube and get 1000 jumps on the pogo stick. 
  • Asher G – May you have lots of fun over the summer and laugh a lot. May you win Monopoly against your dad, and dunk a basketball. 
  • Avery – May you have lots of fun over the summer and continue to put weird things in your hair. May you continue to love dance, and may your sister not annoy you too much. 
  • Anna – May you have fun with your American Girl Dolls this year and keep on acting. May you continue your love of being outside, and may you return to Makom soon. 
  • Maizy – May you continue to have fun with your American Girl Dolls over the summer and tickle everyone. May you continue your fabulous work on mastering tefilah and may you make it through the entire Harry Potter series this summer. 

  • Lydia – May you have fun with all of your jewellery and don’t let your sister annoy you. May your return to Philadelphia be as easy as possible, and may you find some fabulous books to read this summer. 
  • Aliza U-M – May you have a summer that is fun in lots of different ways. May you continue to be the fabulous artistic human that you are, and may you continue to protect everyone around you. 
  • Elliott – May you have the best summer of your life, and keep on working on Ashrei, and play basketball in your room, and make sure you keep on doing more forts. May you continue to root for the Eagles and be the best Number 7 ever. May you make the best blanket fort of all time, and may you continue to approach life with a smile on your face. 
  • Nathan – May you keep having a smile on your face and have a great year in BMitzvah next year! Make sure you’re a great fifth grader and do basketball this summer. May you continue to look at life with lots of questions, and may you continue to find answers in places you might not think you would. 

  • Karl – May you become a master computer coder and have lots of fun with Leo and Clara during the summer. May you continue to wear Pokemon pyjamas, may your return to Philadelphia be as easy as possible, and may you continue taking fantastic trips around the world with your family. 
  • Noa – May Tuna not bite you for the whole summer and continue wearing sweatshirts with your middle name on it. 
  • Isabella – May you have fun this summer and keep on being who you are and have fun and always keep your beautiful smile. 
  • Beverly – May you continue to bring donuts to us and have so much fun with Selah and Erez during the summer. 
  • Gaby – May you continue to be super creative and only ever wear rainbow tie-dye. 
  • Tuna *this is Noa’s cat*- May you continue to sit like an old man and bite Noa. 

Thank you again for an amazing school year! See you at camp in August and next year in the fall!

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