Nitzanim Unit 4 Showcase: Holy Moments

Nitzanim Unit 4 Showcase: Holy Moments

The Nitzanim (3rd and 4th graders) presented their fourth and final showcase for the year! This unit’s big idea was holy moments, viewed through the text of Kohelet (Ecclesiastes). We focused on creating a Pinat Shalom (peace corner) for the Nitzanim classroom. We noticed that we needed a space to rest and relax, and a space to be in if we weren’t feeling well in order to help us be present and recognize holy moments.

The Nitzanim began this project by drawing drafts of what they wanted our Pinat Shalom to look like.They began with a big brainstorm. Why might you want to use a Pinat Shalom? What helps you calm down when you’re having big feelings? What do we want our Pinat Shalom to help us feel? Learners chose a color palette, decided that they wanted a curtain, and debated the merits of having a bean bag vs. a hammock chair. 

After sharing our drafts with each other, they decided on a few key ideas, and got to work! They chose a green bean bag chair, found a curtain, and started painting our space. The Nitzanim decided on a galaxy theme, and they painted a deep blue sky with stars on the bookshelves to frame the space. 

When the Pinat Shalom was painted and put together, learners were given the opportunity to take a few minutes to themselves in it and notice how it made them feel. They wrote a poem in the style of Kohelet. The text reads “A time for ________ and a time for _______,” typically using opposites. The Nitzanim wrote their own poem in that same format, focusing on times when we don’t use the Pinat Shalom, and times when we do. 

“A time for being angry and a time for calming down.

A time for focusing and a time for rest. 

A time for being sad and a time for being happy. 

A time for having feelings and a time for feeling feelings. 

A time for chaos and a time for peace. 

A time for being with people and a time for being alone. 

A time for communicating and a time for being quiet. 

A time for fidgeting and a time for resting your mind.”

During our showcase, learners showed their parents the space they curated, and then came up their own “a time for ______ and a time for ________” phrase with their families. 

  • A time for cuddling and a time for not cuddling.
  • A time for chaos and a time for peace.
  • A time for work and a time for rest.
  • A time for being sad and a time for being mad.
  • A time for being productive and a time for resting.
  • A time for being at home and a time for being at Makom Community.
  • A time for moving and a time for stillness.
  • A time for being tired and a time for being energetic.
  • A time for challah and a time for grape juice. 

The Nitzanim have done such a fabulous job with all four of their showcases this year. Thank you so much to all of the parents, grandparents, and other special grown ups that have joined us on Zoom and in person this year. We are so excited to see what they design next!

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