South Philly’s Last Week of School’s Out Camp

South Philly’s Last Week of School’s Out Camp

This week we were so thrilled to welcome you, our Makom South Philly Community, into our space for the second week of camp!

We started off the week with placemaking activities. The Nitzinim examined placemaking as they considered what their space needed. Then they created an environment that met their needs including a leggo corner and a cozy Pinat Shalom (peace corner). Garinim explored color and experimentation. Throughout the week, we made predictions and made observations about the different reactions.

On Monday, we engaged with rainbows.  We learned the bracha to say when you see a rainbow and kiddos made rainbow inspired artwork as they shared the feelings they experience when seeing a rainbow. One kiddo reflected that they feel “really happy and calm” when they see a rainbow. On Tuesday, we considered light and shadow. Students made sun paper imprints and played with shadows. On Wednesday, we made puffy paint and simulated a rain cloud. On Thursday we made brownies and as kiddos took turns mixing the batter, one friend said: “It smells too good to be true.”

When reflecting on what our ashrei stories from the day were, one friend shared that they enjoyed being at the “Spray ground” which is a wonderful invented word that we have all adopted to describe the splash pads at Columbus Square Park.

We took a special look at the environment and trees. We discussed ecosystems, went of nature walks, practiced a tree meditation, and made our own micro-ecosystems. We made our own paper and created collages using recycled paper. When discussing the environment, we generated a list of ways we can help the earth. One kiddo said “we don’t take more then we need!” A wonderful example Baal Tashchit (the commandment to not destroy).


On Friday we created interpretive salt paint art as we listened to Lecha Dodi and discussed the lyrics. We made challah and celebrated a really special week of camp as we brought in the light of Shabbat and brought the week to a close.

It was such a joy to watch kiddos meet new friends in a new environment. Each day we saw friendships budding and kiddos growing their social emotional skills. From collaborative fort making to student-led paper air plane tutorials and gimp-making, there were so many beautiful moments to behold.


We really enjoyed having this group with us for our final week of camp and we hope that you join us for future camp days and weeks! We can’t wait to start Jewish Enrichment. Thanks for joining us and we will see you next time!

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