November 2nd School’s Out Camp Details

Just coming off of our first “School’s Out” camp day last Monday, October 11th, which was full of learning, creating, and lots of fun, we are already turning attention to our next camp days!

On Tuesday, November 2, when district-run schools are closed for Election Day, we will again have camp from 8:30am-4:00pm. We are excited for another day of games, arts and crafts, outdoor time, learning, and more! In honor of Election Day, we will also build in fun activities to promote our learners’ thinking around group decision-making in our communities and continue to connect to our Jewish Enrichment theme of Loving our Neighbor. 

Camp Schedule:

8:30am – Drop off: Campers can be dropped off anytime between 8:30-9:00am. They will start their morning with board games, legos, and art.

9:30am – Welcome and Snack: Morning snack is provided and campers and staff take some time to get to know each other, settle in, start their day, and maybe sing a song! 

10:00am – Core Morning Activities: Today we’ll get our bodies and minds moving with a team challenge “river crossing” game. In keeping with the day’s theme, we’ll explore the ways we work together and make decisions in our communities.

11:00am — Elective Block: While we always strive to meet kids’ individual needs throughout the day, this year we are also adding specific choice periods during camp days, leaving plenty of opportunities in the day for kids to follow their interests, and other opportunities for kids to try something completely new. This elective block, kids will get to choose between a sensory craft activity, an art project, and reading.

11:45am – Lunch: Time to take a break and enjoy some lunch outside. Send food that works for your kiddos. Don’t forget a water bottle. 

12:30pm Outdoor Play Time: Campers enjoy time at a local playground. 

1:30pm – Rest and Relaxation: After so much time outside and an action-packed schedule, campers have the opportunity to rest and relax. Campers at Makom are typically found during this time reading stories with an educator, building a fort to relax in, or finding some quiet space to play. 

2:00pm – Afternoon Snack: Time to refuel their bodies before an afternoon of activities. We provide daily snacks like graham crackers and fruit, chips and salsa, etc. Allergies are always taken into account.

2:30pm – Afternoon Activities: Our afternoon plans include a silly whole-group energizer game, and a collage/leaf-rubbing activity with materials found outside.

3:30pm – Tefilah: Music and Movement. Together campers will reflect on the day, share awesome things they did, move their bodies, and sing. 

4:00 pm – Lehitraot: Campers are picked up at 4:00 pm.

Have any questions? 

Feel free to reach out to Ben Safran, Camp Coordinator, at [email protected]

To enroll, click here.

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