November 11th School’s Out Camp Details

On Thursday, November 11, when all schools are closed for Veterans Day, we will again have camp from 8:30am-4:00pm. We have a full day of teambuilding, crafting, reading, critical thinking, and lots of fun! We will think about people who have protected and helped their neighbors and communities at different points in history and the many ways that people do so today. 

Camp Schedule:

8:3oam – Drop off: Campers can be dropped off anytime between 8:30-9:00am. They will start their morning with board games, legos, and art.

9:30am – Welcome and Snack: Morning snack is provided and campers and staff take some time to get to know each other, settle in, start their day, and maybe sing a song! 

10:00am – Marbled Shaving Cream Fall Shapes: Today we’re going to start off our morning getting a little messy with a shaving cream and paint craft activity.

10:45am — Spectrum Activity: We’ll explore some big questions about the different ways people help and support our neighbors, and where kids see themselves within the networks of support of their communities. 

11:05am — Elective Block: Thinking of the people we listed in the last activity, we’ll have different choices of activities to honor those people, like writing pop-up cards, or building (mini) monuments out of blocks or model magic.

11:45am – Lunch: Time to take a break and enjoy some lunch outside. Send food that works for your kiddos. Don’t forget a water bottle. 

12:30pm Outdoor Play Time: Campers enjoy time at a local playground. 

1:30pm – Rest and Relaxation: After so much time outside and an action-packed schedule, campers have the opportunity to rest and relax. Campers at Makom are typically found during this time reading stories with an educator, building a fort to relax in, or finding some quiet space to play. 

2:00pm – Afternoon Snack: Time to refuel their bodies before an afternoon of activities. We provide daily snacks like graham crackers and fruit, chips and salsa, etc. Allergies are always taken into account.

2:30pm — Afternoon Activities: We’ll start with a read-aloud of a picture book about people who acted bravely in supporting their neighbors and community (during the Stonewall uprising). The rest of our afternoon plans include a team-building challenge game and other fun movement games. 

3:30pm – Tefilah: Music and Movement. Together campers will reflect on the day, share awesome things they did, move their bodies, and sing.

4:00 pm – Lehitraot: Campers are picked up at 4:00 pm.

Have any questions? Ready to enroll?

Feel free to reach out to Ben Safran, Camp Coordinator, at [email protected]

To enroll, click here.

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