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Creating Justice through Meeting NeedsCreating Justice through Meeting Needs

Big feelings can lead to bad choices! But they can also guide us towards great moments of compassion. Let’s see how Moshe responded to some emotional experiences, and what we can learn from him about being a good, compassionate leader. Here’s the background story we unpacked last week: Bnei Yisrael (the Jewish people) are in the desert, and Miriam dies….

Making Change in Our CommunitiesMaking Change in Our Communities

Finally we got to hear God’s response to Bnot Zelophechad’s (Zelophechad’s daughters) request to be able to inherit their father’s land! Spoiler: God agrees with them and thinks their request is completely just. We dove deeper into the situation of women in the Torah and discovered that men had autonomy in the Torah but that women, children, and slaves did…

Everyone Counts – Justice and the CensusEveryone Counts – Justice and the Census

Who counts? We all do! Or at least, we think we all should. Last week we began looking at the story of Bnot Zelophechad (the daughters of Zelophechad). In this story, a man named Zelophechad died, leaving behind 5 daughters and no sons. At this point, women could not own land or property. With no men in the family to…