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Torah Together, Inside and Out(side)!

Living much of life online has been a challenging side-effect of the coronavirus pandemic for many of us. This reality made our Family Learning Experience of building an ark with the BMitzvah families so much more sweet! We gathered on Sunday outside Makom Community to study and create together, despite the chilly weather. The BMitzvah cohort shared some of the…


Working for Tzedek with the Makom Community Brit

At the end of our first unit of learning at Makom Community, we conclude with painting our brit (two-way promise) on the wall. Kiddos always have so much fun painting directly on the wall, but it’s also a good time to reflect on how we conduct ourselves while at Makom Community, and in the world as a whole. This year,…


Fostering Connections in Our Virtual Promised Land

This past summer, as we rejoined each other in person and began reaching out to our community, we realized that quite a few of our families wanted to participate but were not ready to return in person. In response, we launched Makom at Home, a fully online version of our Jewish Enrichment program. Students from coast to coast gather virtually…


A Letter from the Founding Director

Beverly Socher-Lerner

Beverly Socher-Lerner

Dear Parents and Grandparents,
Thank you for considering Makom Community! We are a makom (place) where your children can experience joyful community that embraces them and your whole family for exactly who you are! In Jewish tradition, a makom is the kind of place where someone grows into who they CAN be. We hope our makom will be that kind of place, too.

Our learners ask mind-boggling questions each day. Your children co-create an environment with their teachers and friends that invites questions and meaning-making from Jewish wisdom. Our learning is focused on the social-emotional skills our tradition teaches, which we practice daily in our community.

You can expect warm, personal, and playful experiences for your child at Makom Community. That’s true in afterschool enrichment, at camp, and when we’re off-site, too. Makom Community presents a new model for Jewish Education. We strive to create a high-quality experience for urban parents who want a vibrant program on weekday afternoons with a rich Jewish education.

Each week ends on a high note at our Family Shabbat Celebrations. You can expect to end your week with much needed family time. Family Shabbat Celebrations invite us to participate in Tefilah: Prayer, Music, and Movement together. Parents get to learn about a piece of Jewish wisdom that was in our curriculum that week. Then, you’ll get to turn to your child and say, “Well, in our family, we see that this way…”. You’ll tell family stories and impart your wisdom in those moments. And all our parents, from many backgrounds, get to be the interpreters of Jewish tradition.

I hope you’ll join us! Please feel free to reach out to talk more over coffee or arrange a personal tour.