Jewish Enrichment

Extended Enrichment Days

When schools close early and parents need to be at work, Makom Community is here to support families with extended enrichment days! We’ll pick your kiddos up and bring them back to Makom Community for some bonus joyful Jewish learning time featuring more of the projects, activities and playing that you know and love!

Extended Enrichment days cost $77 for 12pm-6pm, with a discount for kids already enrolled in Jewish Enrichment that day. If your child normally attends Jewish Enrichment on the day of the Extended Enrichment, you can enroll them from for the discounted rate of $49.

Check out our calendar to see upcoming Extended Enrichment Days. (Hint it is when the Philadelphia School District closes at noon!)

Sample Schedule

Arrival and Lunch/Snack: Kids are picked up by educators from their respective schools, or can be dropped off at Makom. If they haven’t eaten lunch at school, they will have time to eat when they arrive, or we will provide a snack.
Challah dough making, reading, or project: On Fridays, we will make our challah dough. Other days we will read a book or do a craft.
Trip to the park: Wear lots of layers! We love fresh air, even in colder weather. We enjoy time at a local playground or park.
Additional Group Activity: An additional craft or book will be ready to go as we come from the playground and warm up
Free Time and Transition to Jewish Enrichment: Kids might have some time for building, drawing, or board games, before going outside for snack before Jewish Enrichment.