Makom Making

Makom Making

Makom Community has established two Lab Schools in Center City and South Philadelphia over the last eight years. We have witnessed how our unique pedagogy, Jewish Placemaking, transforms Jewish Education by creating and modeling experiential and intentional learning environments in collaboration with educators, children, and their families.

We know firsthand how challenging supplemental Jewish education can be. We want to share our pedagogy with our partners who are engaging families interested in part-time Jewish education. We aim to nurture and support the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our communities. More so, we have a solution that empowers and enhances local communities to do this holy work well and deeply across the country.

We want to connect with you to support the vision and needs of your community, as well as your professional goals! Contact Terri Soifer, Director of Strategy, to arrange a 30 minute meeting to connect.

Opening ritual of lighting candles, Jewish Placemaking Conference summer 2022

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