Upcoming Jewish Placemaking Seminar

Demonstrating a Year of Growth with Project Based Learning, March 6, 12:00-1:00 PM EST. Pay-What-You-Wish

End of the school year is more than just awards and a party! How do we demonstrate the growth and learning that happens throughout the year? Implementing Project Based Learning (PBL) into your classes allows you track and showcase learner development and success. Join Makom educator and researcher Olivia Hacker-Keating to learn how to implement PBL and plan an end of year showcase that demonstrates to families all the great learning that happens over the course of a year!

Expressive Arts: Processes for Deeper Learning, March 27, 12:00-1:00 PM EST. Pay-What-You-Wish

Utilizing expressive modalities in the classroom is so much more than just arts and crafts! Learn how to embrace collaborative problem solving methods to bring movement, music, poetry, building, design, improvisation, and more into your learning environment. Join Makom Making coach and arts educator Ash Fisher-Tannenbaum as they dive into processes and practices for building creative communal experiences.

Boosting Student Participation and Engagement, April 17, 12:00-1:00 PM EST. Pay-What-You-Wish

We’ve all felt the pain of planning an elaborate lesson, only to face blank stares in the classroom. Learn creative techniques for tracking and increasing student engagement. Join Makom Educator and Researcher Olivia Hacker-Keating to learn about the use of varying modalities, opening and closing rituals and experiential learning can bring your classroom to life.

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Writing about Jewish Placemaking

Read about Jewish Placemaking and how we believe in the work of part-time Jewish education in our recent eJewish Philanthropy piece, “Parents still believe in part-time Jewish Education. Makom Communnity does too.”

Previous Jewish Placemaking Professional Development

Learn more about our third year of our Philadelphia based Jewish Placemaking Accelerator, generously funded by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. This experience is roughly 14 hours, over the course of an academic year, of Professional Development for Directors of Education and up to four of their teachers in their part-time learning community. We have found this deep commitment to strengthening learning and Jewish family engagement increases both enrollment and attendance, as well as teacher retention. Contact our Director of Strategy, Terri Soifer, to discuss to bring this to your community!