BMitzvah Ceremony

Preparing for the BMitzvah Ceremony

In the second and third years, students shift towards more directly focusing on their own BMitzvah service. We facilitate Bmitzvah services at Makom Community, and we also partner with area synagogues to support our learners as they celebrate BMitzvah in their home congregations. We have relationships with synagogues in Center City and West Philly and will coordinate and create an individualized plan for your child. That might mean a Shabbat dinner where your child teaches about their capstone project and parsha at Makom Community on a Friday night and then a Saturday morning where your child reads from the Torah and gives a speech at your synagogue. It might also mean that you opt to have your family mark this milestone just at Makom Community or just at your home synagogue. We’re here to support you on this journey, however it works best for your family.

What if my family isn’t affiliated with a synagogue?

We’re thrilled to celebrate BMitzvah with your family! We will prepare and facilitate your celebration in the way that is just right for your child and your family. Makom Community has a Torah and everything you and your family will need to celebrate together. You are welcome to host your ceremony in either our Center City or South Philadelphia locations.

Torah Service

BMitzvah students understand that chanting Torah is not a one-time experience, but a ritual they can perform throughout their lives by practicing leyning and deep study of the weekly parshiot (portions) throughout the year.

Leading Text Discussion

Students lead text study throughout the program. 

Final Rosh Pinah Project

In the months leading up to the BMitzvah ceremony, each student works on a final Rosh Pinah project. This project is intended to be the culmination of their Rosh Pinah study; a deeply personal, thoroughly researched, and complete project in the subject and medium of their choice. The completed project represents true mastery of one piece of Jewish adulthood.

Designing the Service and Ceremony

The BMitzvah student and their family take an active role in designing the service and ceremony, choosing meaningful readings and translations, treasured tunes, etc. To practice for their BMitzvah ceremony, students will have individualized tutoring sessions as part of their BMitzvah classes in their final year.

The BMitzvah Ceremony

True to our learning goals, the BMitzvah ceremony engages the entire community. At a Makom Community BMitzvah ceremony, the rest of the BMitzvah cohort assists in leading the Torah service and cooks a meal in honor of the celebrated student.