A Typical Day at Anafim

The Anafim program meets four days a week. Families can choose to attend three days (from 4-6pm) or two days plus a 1:1 with a BMitzvah educator (on Zoom). 1:1s are an equivalent cost to the third day of class, so the tuition remains the same. If you are having a BMitzvah ceremony with Makom Community 1:1s are required 6 months prior to the BMitzvah, with a 2 or 3 day Anafim schedule and cost an additional $1200. 

Families are responsible for travel to Makom Community. Contact Beverly, Executive Director and Founder or call (484) 278-1335 for further information. 

Sample Schedule

Tefilah Workshop: Prayer Mastery or Rosh Pinah: Capstone Projects
TEXTploration: Text study


Kids attend Anafim either 3 days or 2 days and have a 1:1 to support Hebrew learning. Tuition is the same $6960 either way. If a child attends 3 days and would like a 1:1 to support Hebrew learning in addition, that is an additional $2200 per year.

Tuition Assistance Available

Need-based tuition assistance is available, on a first-come basis. The sooner you let us know that your family needs scholarship, the more able we are to provide scholarship. We believe every child deserves a great Jewish education. We can also support your family with an alternative payment plan. Please contact Beverly, Executive Direction & Founder, as soon as you know your family requires aid in order to enroll.