Jewish Enrichment

Jewish Enrichment Program

Daily, High-Quality Jewish Enrichment in Center City

Makom Community provides daily, high-quality Jewish Enrichment after school dismissal Monday through Friday. Our K-4 learners can choose 2-5 days per week Monday through Friday. Our learners 5th-7th graders have slightly different schedules, 2-3 days per week and the option of a zoom 1:1 to support Hebrew learning. Our 8th-12th graders have a series of 8 week mini-mesters throughout the year where they can select the weekly class mini-mesters that work in their schedule. Open Enrollment for our 2024-2025 Jewish Enrichment year will open in early April. 

The beauty of Makom Community is you can choose the days that work for your busy family! Given the unique nature of our child-led learning, we recommend three, four, and five day a week schedules. Two day a week schedules are also available for learners who are in K-2nd grade. 

We are moving during the summer of 2024! Our new address is 2401 Washington Ave, School pickup travel groups to are available from:

  • Greenfield Elementary School
  • Marian Anderson Neighborhood Academy
  • Stanton Elementary School
  • The Philadelphia School
  • Independence Charter School
  • GW Childs Elementary School
  • Fanny Coppin Jackson Elementary School
  • William Meredith School
  • George W. Nebinger School
  • General George McCall School
  • We also provide group travel back to Greenfield Elementary School on Mondays-Fridays (on Fridays with family Shabbat there is no travel group).

We pick up from schools where there are a minimum of four kids traveling to Makom. If you have any questions about Makom Community’s programming or enrollment, be in touch! Contact Beverly, Executive Director and Founder, or call (484) 278-1335.

Kvutzot at Makom Community

We intentionally call each class a kvutzah, which means an age cohort. We do not call them classes because Makom Community is different than school! Learning is tailored within each age group for the developmental stage of those learners. And we provide lots of opportunities for learners to spend time with kids in other age groups.

  • Garinim means seeds. These are our Kindergarten and First grade learners who are beginning to sprout their relationships with Jewish wisdom and each other! We encourage First Grade learners who are new to Makom to start in Garinim
  • Shorashim means roots. These are our First and Second grade learners who have formed a connection to Jewish Wisdom and have skills to look at Jewish tradition and their relationships with each other.
  • Nitzanim means buds. These are our Third and Fourth grade learners who are beginning to blossom and see themselves as part of the chain of tradition within Judaism. They are discovering where their interpretation of Jewish wisdom resonates in their worlds and where it needs to be challenged. 
  • Anafim means branches. These are our Fourth or Fifth through Seventh grade learners who are beginning to form their own identity outside of their family. At Makom, BMitzvah is a transition over years to adolescence, not a single moment. Our learners are reaching out beyond their family and Makom and seeing themselves as lifelong interpreters of Jewish wisdom.