A Jewel!

Makom is a jewel. It’s such a wonderful compliment to our daughter’s education. Her transition to first grade was a bit hard for her and Makom has been the perfect landing for her everyday as a place where she can expand her mind and her soul. We all love it so much.

Exemplary Professional Development

Engaging a cadre of Jewish educators over Zoom, after almost 3 years of all the Zooms, is no easy task. But Beverly and team knocked it out of the park. The amount of thought and intention that went into creating a 90 minute experience for our team, thinking about how physical space impacts learning environments, was impressive. From the initial conversation about making this session happen, to the preparatory conversations leading up to our time together, and all the way through the experience, Beverly and everyone on the Makom team we encountered showed great compassion and leadership. The session was a huge success, and we look forward to finding additional ways to continue our work with Makom!

A Less Scared Educator

Thank you both (Makom Making educators) for taking the time tonight. I will do my part of the brit and you both did more than your part, not just by being present but also by being so prepared. I feel more prepared myself, a little less scared. You held my hand, helped me with my confidence, and gave me things to reflect on and rest on, hopefully things I can bring into the challenging work of making Hebrew decoding engaging. When the students ask me why we need to do this, perhaps I can tell them the Jewish community, the Torah and synagogue, have given me a place to belong. What type of Torah or God will make it worthwhile for you?

Makom’s Radical Pedagogy

I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you all thank you for all you do at Makom! L absolutely LOVES her afternoons at Makom and has been learning so much that she shares with us all. I am thrilled to find a community that values reflection, radical pedagogy, community, and history in the ways that y’all do. I also appreciate how developmentally appropriate you have made your curriculum and learning environment. I know it’s so much work to cultivate a space like this and you all have really made a special place. So thank you all for making L and our family feel so welcome and for creating such an inclusive space. We are incredibly grateful!

Thoughtful Kiddo

Our son trusts his teachers, looks forward to enrichment, and is excited to be Jewish! Makom has allowed him to be a more thoughtful kid.

Not just for Kiddos!

As adults, we have really enjoyed getting to know other parents and neighbors through the Family Shabbat program.

Authentic Community at Makom

I love that Makom feels like somewhere where everyone can be themselves and show up as they are. We are confident that even if my kid has a bad day and is extra-grumpy, he will still be met with compassion and understanding. We are also thrilled that he is further deepening his Jewish roots and meeting others – he can no longer complain that “everyone” he knows celebrates Christmas!

Curious Jewish Learner

Our child absolutely loves Makom which is a big deal for me. She is curious about Jewish learning and developing a Jewish identity and Makom has been a big part of that. The staff has been extremely responsive and I appreciate all of the personalized updates and feedback.