COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 POLICY (Last Updated: 6/14/22)

Vaccine Policy

Starting August 22, 2022, vaccination and boosters are required for participation for all eligible adults and children.

Symptom Checking & Screening

Though the School District of Philadelphia has returned to being mask optional, our current plan is to stay masked through the end of the school year. We are hopeful that our younger siblings will be able to be vaccinated soon, and we know that all our learners will benefit from having a consistent plan for the last few weeks of our school year together. Please continue to send a high-filtration mask (Happy Mask, Enro, KN95, or KF95).

We will continue to prioritize having snack outdoors as much as possible and offer regular outdoor opportunities for mask breaks. Please help your child(ren) know that this is an opportunity for us to step up for each other and take care of more vulnerable members of our community through the remainder of the school year. We will continue to evaluate our plans for summer camp and Jewish Enrichment in the fall.

Thank you for our ongoing support! Please continue to closely monitor your family for COVID-like symptoms. In case of symptoms, please be fever-free for 24 hours (without fever reducers) and have a negative test to return to Makom programming in person. If your child develops COVID-like symptoms while they are at Makom and you haven’t already tested them, you can expect us to give you a call and ask you to bring them home for testing.

In case of close contact for a fully vaccinated (and boosted if applicable) student or educator, you CAN continue to attend Makom AND…

  • Monitor closely for symptoms.
  • Test on day 4 after exposure. (See note below on PCR & rapid testing.)
  • If even one symptom appears, isolate at home and test. (See below for testing details.)

If your Makom student tested positive for COVID-19:

You can return after…

7 days AND a negative rapid test

10 days in isolation, return to programming on day 11 (with symptoms resolving or resolved).

Both rapid tests and PCR tests are helpful here. If you’d like to use a rapid for post-exposure or early symptomatic testing, please note that we are requiring two rapid tests 24 hours apart. Only one rapid test is needed for people who are a few days into symptoms or are testing after having had COVID to determine when to return.

Testing after exposure
Rapid test on day 4 and day 5.

PCR on day 4.
Testing after COVID to exit isolation before 10 days
PCR or rapid on day 7

Parents in Makom

You’re invited in! Starting today, you are invited in when you pick up your child(ren). If you arrive before 5:30pm, please come in quietly as we’re still deep in our learning, singing, and playing. You are also invited to join us for Family Shabbat Celebrations. We are asking that all adults coming into Makom Community are vaccinated and boosted.