Fees & FAQs

Tuition Information

Fees for 2021-2022 Jewish Enrichment

Jewish Enrichment Tuition is annual on 10 installments a year. If an alternative payment plan would be better for your family, contact Beverly at beverly@makomcommunity.org

Tuition Assistance Available

Need-based tuition assistance available, on a first-come basis. We believe every child deserves a great Jewish education. Please contact Beverly as soon as you know your family requires aide in order to enroll.

Jewish Enrichment Fees

2 Days a Week:


3 Days a Week:


4 Days a Week:


5 Days a Week:


Early Wednesday Dismissal:

Chester Arthur $30/month
Independence Charter School $60/month

Makom at Home *online only

4 Days a Week, 1 Hour/Day

*To avoid a 3% processing fee, please consider paying by Electronic Check.

Makom Community COVID-19 FAQ

We’re so glad to have you back at Makom Community! We are here to support you and your family during these challenging times. Together, we are ensuring that Makom Community is safe for all our kiddos and teachers. Below is our COVID-19 FAQ document. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. 

What happens in the case of a positive diagnosis?
  • If a Makom Community student, parent/caregiver, sibling, student in their school classroom, or anyone else who they have had close contact with is COVID-19 positive, that person will begin online learning with Makom Community and Makom Community will mitigate the situation in a confident manner. 
  • The case will be reported to the proper health authorities and all families and staff of the student’s kevutzah (both at Makom Community and walking group from school, if applicable) will be notified immediately.
  • We expect all students and staff members who came into close contact with an infected individual to quarantine for 14 days OR 7 days followed by a negative test. Anyone who had proximate exposure should also be monitored for symptoms during those 14 days. 
  • A student who tested positive for COVID-19 is permitted to return to Makom Community when it has been at least 10 days since the onset of symptoms, the student has been fever- free without the use of anti-fever medication for three days, and symptoms have improved.
How do we define “close contact”?
The CDC defines close contact as interactions within 6ft for more than 15 minutes, even if one or multiple parties were wearing masks, in an indoor or outdoor setting.
How do we define “proximate exposure”?
Proximate exposure is defined as interactions greater than 6ft from an infected individual within a shared space, even if one or multiple parties were wearing masks.
How is Makom Community social distancing during Jewish Enrichment?
Each Kevutzah (age group) has its own space at Makom Community. Those groups will be staying in their space together either inside or outside, when weather permits. While inside, children will have assigned seats at tables of a maximum of 4 people. Every table is 6 feet away from the other tables in the space. When we are outside, children will continue to be masked during play time. When we take mask breaks, children will be at least 6 feet away from each other.
What if my student misses a Jewish Enrichment day?
If a student misses Jewish Enrichment due to being quarantined or potential exposure to an infected person, we will create opportunities for distance learning so that students continue to be part of Makom Community even while they are at home.
What if my student misses a camp day?
As a reminder, if you cancel or miss a camp day less than a week in advance, there are no refunds or make up days for missed camp days. We will have planned and staffed for their attendance and cannot adjust those pieces with less than week’s notice.
That’s great that you’re having in person learning now, what happens when schools resume distance learning and stay at home orders are in place?
When we resume distance learning, we will continue to support each other through these challenging times. Makom Community will be here for Jewish Enrichment, socially distant house calls, 1:1 and small group Zoom classes, and care packages. We will ensure a smooth transition to distance learning that will provide distance learning opportunities. All our learners will be invited to participate in as many/any days that work for your family during distance learning.
What if my student can’t handle more time on Zoom for Jewish Enrichment?
We hear that! Distance learning can be exhausting. We hope that if we are mandated to bring Jewish Enrichment online all our students will give it a try and log on for as much as they can handle. We will supplement our learning with house calls and other projects to keep your student engaged. We want to make sure to take great care of each other and our staff for the duration of this pandemic. As a community striving for a more just world, we are committed to continuing to pay our staff, even while our teaching and community building looks very different for the near future. If you encounter financial hardship in lost or reduced work at this time, please be in touch with Beverly to arrange a scholarship. We value continuing to hold this community together even if we aren’t in person.