Fees & COVID-19 Policy

Tuition Information

Fees for 2022-2023 Jewish Enrichment

Jewish Enrichment Tuition is annual on 10 installments a year. If an alternative payment plan would be better for your family, contact Beverly.

Tuition Assistance Available

Need-based tuition assistance available, on a first-come basis. We believe every child deserves a great Jewish education. Please contact Beverly as soon as you know your family requires aide in order to enroll.

Jewish Enrichment Fees

2 Days a Week:


3 Days a Week:


4 Days a Week:


5 Days a Week:


Early Wednesday Dismissal:

Independence Charter School $135/month
  • There is an annual $200/family enrollment fee to helps us cover the administrative costs of bookkeeping. It is not a deposit that is refunded at the end of the year.
  • To avoid a 3.5% processing fee, please consider paying by Electronic Check.

Makom Community COVID-19 Policy

Please click here to view our COVID-19 Policy.