One Crazy Time

One crazy time at Makom Community, we started a brand new unit! This week we started our unit on Haggadah, the story of how we became the Jewish people. It’s a story we tell often, but especially on Pesach. Take a look and see our first steps on this exciting adventure!

We experienced the joy of grape juice by making our own, and drinking it all week!

We practiced new but familiar brachot (blessings): kiddush and shehecheyanu!

We dressed up and had a fancy snack in order to talk about making a day holy and special.

Kiddos practiced putting the Pesach Seder in order!

Kiddos learned about how different folks are chosen for different things. We had an activity where each kid had a role, speaker, knower, and builder. The speaker was the only who could talk, the knower was the only one who knew what was being built, and the builder was the only one who could touch the building materials.

This week we practiced brachot that help us express gratitude for times of joy, and for having been brought to this moment. Your kiddos noticed how the leaving Egypt story inspires this celebration of freedom, and we talked about what it means to be grateful for our continued existence as Jews in the world. Haggadah allows us to journey back with the Jewish people so we can all journey forward. We look forward to continuing this journey together in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

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