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Summer Camp!! Summer Camp!!

Camp is right around the corner! Our camp programming this summer is complete with fun, games, outdoor time, and exciting Jewish learning! Read on to get the details about camp. You’re invited! We are kicking off camp with Wyatt’s Rainbow Glitter Birthday Bash! Those who attend can expect sparkly crafts, sweet treats, and of course lots of musical theater-y fabulousness….

Makom Community Leaves Egypt Makom Community Leaves Egypt

Last week, we completed the final stretch of our Pesach (Passover) unit. We did Bedikat Chametz (checking for bread products) by playing hide and seek games with chametz (bread products). And we did Biyur Chametz by destroying all the chametz. We closed out our week with a camp day about the leaving Egypt story. Read on to get the details!  We had lots of fun hiding chametz around Makom Community.  One day our older and younger students hid chametz for each other.   For Biyur Chametz we…

Summer Camp 2019 Dates and Themes! Summer Camp 2019 Dates and Themes!

It’s time to start thinking about SUMMER CAMP! Makom Community offers programing in the weeks before and after area summer camps run. See below for our list of theme days this summer! We know you need to work and want to make sure your child(ren) are safe and having LOTS of fun. Early-bird registration for June camp ends May 29th. Early-bird registration…