Awe & Wonder In Nature: Spring Break School’s Out Camp

What in nature makes you feel awe and wonder? Join us at our Center City location on Monday, April 11th through Thursday, April 14th, from 8:30am-4pm for $300 for the week. Kids will explore the world around them! From itty-bitty insects to gigantic redwood trees, learners will uncover the interconnection of our ecosystem and reflect on Jewish perspectives relating to our responsibilities to the Earth. Get ready for a week full of arts & crafts, science projects, and acting/improv games!

Spring Break Camp Themes


Monday, April 11th: Plants
  • We will explore the significance of plants and vegetation in our lives. Kiddos will explore this concept by creating plant related arts & crafts projects and reflecting on Jewish stories about planting that learners might have encountered in Jewish Enrichment.
Tuesday, April 12th: Decomposers
  • On this day, we will explore the life-cycle and renewal, with connections to Jewish ideas. Kids will unpack this through science activities on mushrooms, fungi, and insects, and more!
Wednesday, April 13th: Humans
  • What is the Anthropocene? What are Jewish perspectives on our responsibilities to the earth? How do these perspectives and responsibilities compare with other traditions, and how do we feel about them? How can Jewish texts and traditions help us with the feelings we have about the future of our planet?
Thursday, April 14th: Nature
  • Kids will reflect on how we can incorporate rest into our daily lives how it has a correlation with rejuvenating our world? During this shmita year, we will consider the way cycles of rest are built into Jewish tradition and text, as well as discover connections between our own need for rest and our planet’s needs.


Sample Schedule:


8:30-9:00am – Drop off: Campers can be dropped off anytime between 8:30-9:00am. We will start their morning with board games, legos, and art.

9:30am – Welcome and Snack: We provide snack. Campers and staff take some time to get to know each other, and maybe sing a song!

10:00am – Core Morning Activities: Each day, we’ll start off with activities connected to the day theme. We’ll draw connections with our lives, communities, and Jewish cultural themes.

11:00am — Elective Block: We’ll give kids a choice of what to do next, often including building, sensory, art, and reading options.

11:45am – Lunch: Time to take a break and enjoy some lunch outside. Send food that works for your kiddos. Remember a water bottle.

12:30pm — Outdoor Play Time: We will enjoy play time at a local playground.

1:30pm – Rest and Relaxation: After so much time outside and an action-packed schedule, campers can rest and relax. Campers at Makom are typically found during this time reading stories with an educator, building a fort to relax in, or finding some quiet space to play.

2:00pm — Afternoon Snack: Time to refuel our bodies before an afternoon of activities. We provide daily snacks like graham crackers and fruit, chips and salsa, etc. Allergies are always taken into account.

2:30pm — Afternoon Group Activities: This hour will include some energizer games, and often another group craft, science experiment, or book.

3:30pm – Tefilah: Prayer, Music, and Movement: Together we will reflect on the day, share awesome things we did, move our bodies, and engage with Jewish prayer.

4:00pm – Lehitraot: Thanks for a great day! Campers are picked up at 4:00 pm.

Please contact Amanda Philips, Center City Director, at [email protected], or Ash Fisher-Tannenbaum, Camp Coordinator, at [email protected], with any questions. To enroll, click here.


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