Welcoming PJDS to Makom South Philly! 

What a wonderful way to kick off the month of Tevet! Seeing some familiar faces and some new faces in our brand new space at Makom South Philly was such a joy. Kiddos joined us in the morning with such ruach. 

We took a moment to get to know each other, sharing our names and interests before settling into snack. During snack we talked together about a Brit for the day. I asked the campers, what promises could we make to each other in order to have the best day possible? 

They came up with the following ideas: 

  • Don’t talk over each other.
  • Ask before touching things that aren’t yours. 
  • Know what feels safe for your body and honor that.
  • Be kind.
  • Ask for help if you need it. 
  • Keep water in your water bottle. 
  • Stay with the group when we leave Makom. 
  • Listen to each other. 
  • Allow time for breaks. 
  • Keep your bodies to yourself. 
  • Stop means stop. 

We took turns reflecting on our internal weather before diving into our stained glass art project. Campers used upcycled materials to stamp, smoosh, and make marks with the paint while depicting their emotions through abstract imagery inspired by the weather. 

Later, on our gratitude walk campers engaged in a guided meditation and searched for treasures in nature. 

We noticed and found the following things that we felt grateful for: 

  • A small gem. 
  • Trees. 
  • A stone. 
  • Jeeps. 
  • Homes. 
  • A flower. 

During Tefilah kiddos were eager to take leadership roles to share all they know about the prayers. We noticed the difference in tunes and took a moment to teach them to each other different melodies.

The day was full of silliness, laughter, reflection, play, and discussion. We can’t wait to continue to explore our emotions throughout the month of Tevet with this fabulous group of kids.

We can’t wait for our next camp day on 12/13! See you there.

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