South Philly’s Praiseworthy Photography Project

During our second unit, Holy Me, learners explored the light around us, and it can help us grow the light and holiness inside ourselves. We further investigated this concept with a photography project, learners were introduced to a disposable film camera and took portraits of subjects in our neighborhood they deemed praiseworthy. Many of the kiddos were unfamiliar with film. We explained that the camera was special because it only housed a limited number of photos and therefore we would not be able to have unlimited attempts of photographing our chosen subjects. Before they took their photos, learners were tasked with considering what it was about their subject that was praiseworthy and making a plan for the composition.

I chose the flowers because flowers always deserve praise because even when you look at the smallest buds you can know how much hard work was put into just that little bud!
It has a charger box right on it that has wires in it because it makes electrical stuff for the whole whole world and everyone gets it.
I like all the colors on the flag. I also like it because I like that it represents everyone. I felt like it was a good joyful thing because it holds everyone’s favorite color.
The sky is very beautiful. It is praise-worthy because of how beautiful it is. It has always made me calm down and it makes me happy.
The trees outside of Makom far-away in the distance look beautiful. I like that view because it is really pretty. also the view looked kind of peaceful.
The flowers are praiseworthy because they are beautiful and make me feel happy.
I see [the car] every day and praise it because it’s my favorite color [gold].
[The cat] looked like a snow leopard because it was white, cats are very rare and pretty.
I like art a lot and because I actually made a mural to copy this one at Philly Art Center. I really like flowers, it’s special because it’s my school.
Grates are life-saving because they stop flooding and stop disease.
The flowers are very beautiful because they are very special. The flowers smell sweet.
The thing that I felt connected to about the parking lot is that it was a big open space and that it had a lot of climbing space and I like climbing around. Also it looks like a good area to play overall.
These real berries are orange and when they are ready they will be red. Red is my favorite color. I like the different kinds of leaves.
The pumpkin is my sister’s favorite color. I feel connected to it because it’s small and my brother is small.
Humans didn’t make ice, water, or snow. Snow is praiseworthy. It’s a piece of God.

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