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Learning to Become: The BMitzvah Cohort play UshpizinLearning to Become: The BMitzvah Cohort play Ushpizin

Sukkot at Makom Community this year spurred discussion about welcoming: How do we welcome guests and why? What does it feel like to welcome or be welcomed? Our BMitzvah students delved deeper into the history of the welcoming ushpizin by becoming ushpizin ourselves! Our initial research about the ushpizin brought up some challenging questions and feelings. Why, traditionally, do we…

Welcoming and Resilience: A Sukkot StoryWelcoming and Resilience: A Sukkot Story

This Sukkot has been an adventure! We were so excited to spend our afternoons in the fabulous Center City Kehilah community sukkah in Julian Abele park. And then Wednesday it rained. No worries, though; we regrouped and changed the plan. We met up at Makom Community and spent the afternoon practicing our welcoming skills for future days in the sukkah….