Noticing Nature

Noticing Nature

This week at Makom Community, we are paying attention to the parts of creation that make us gasp in amazement. We began with a nature walk through the city. We noticed nature and took lots of pictures along the way. Read on to see what we noticed: 

I made that face because a bug just tried to go in my eye! 

The flower was the shape of a bell pepper. 

The leaf had veins in squares. 

Egg shaped smooth white fuzzy leaves. 

Poky leaves! 

It looked like a tree on a tree– broccoli. Another student said: It looks like corn to me 

 Tiny flowers. Maybe they’re buds? 

A rock with silvery bits 


GIGANTIC leaf. It looks as big as Wyatt. 

Shiny, tiny leaves 

Leaves shaped like tacos. White tiny flowers that could be cheese. 

Buds! Potential. There will be so many flowers. 

We found orange leaves. They were as big as trees for ants. They reminded me of October. 

The rock is natural, but the fountain going through it is something humans did. 

Your thoughtful kiddos brought up whether or not things that people make count as a part of creation we might praise God for.  When we appreciate human-made things, do we feel as amazed as when we appreciate natural things? If God created the world, and we are created betzelem elohim (in God’s image), are we tapping into that Godliness within us when we are creative? Does God get the credit for our creations, or do we? We are so grateful for your kiddos’ never-ending curiosity! Stay tuned next week to hear more of your kiddos reflections on the natural world. 

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