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Learning to LeadLearning to Lead

“I never thought a third grader could change my perspective on Jonah…” One of the most powerful things we can learn is that we can learn from anyone! At the end of our study of the Book of Jonah, the BMitzvah cohort shared some of what we learned with the Nitzanim (2nd-4th grade) class. The BMitzvah students designed and taught…

Cooking Up UnderstandingCooking Up Understanding

“This doesn’t look at all like what it’s supposed to look like!” “It’s too thick.” “It’s too thin.” “I don’t know what the batter is supposed to look like.” “Why don’t you try this?” Nothing is more stressful than things not going to plan in the kitchen. Our BMitzvah Rosh Pinah (cornerstone) projects test the limits of our ability to…

Welcoming and Resilience: A Sukkot StoryWelcoming and Resilience: A Sukkot Story

This Sukkot has been an adventure! We were so excited to spend our afternoons in the fabulous Center City Kehilah community sukkah in Julian Abele park. And then Wednesday it rained. No worries, though; we regrouped and changed the plan. We met up at Makom Community and spent the afternoon practicing our welcoming skills for future days in the sukkah….