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Makom Community News & Blog

August Camps: A Recap August Camps: A Recap

Somehow it’s already September, which means that it’s time to look forward to the school year, and think back on camp! We had an amazing 10 days, and got to see lots of friends in our new, remodeled space! A fresh coat of paint on the walls and a brand new kitchen was exciting for newcomers and returning kiddos alike….

Learn and Play at August Camp! Learn and Play at August Camp!

We hope you all are enjoying a fabulous and relaxing summer! We’re resting well and gearing up for more days of playing and exploring with your kiddos. School’s Out Camp is back the last two weeks of August. Join us to stage a rebellion, practice your patience, become a spy, explore the moon, and more! See more details below. Or…

Is It Summer Yet?! Is It Summer Yet?!

Is it summer yet?! How many days left of school? Are you counting today or not? How many minutes is that? Sound familiar? In your family, are these insistent questions followed by a challenging transition to summer? The whole structure of our kids’ lives changes, and there can be real pain with that shift in reality. Beginning a new school…

A School’s Out Camp Story A School’s Out Camp Story

Let me tell you a story. Once, there was a community. It was full of some of the loveliest humans. Every day they came together and did their best to be kind, inclusive, and helpful. Sometimes they made mistakes—someone would take a toy without asking; someone would walk away from a mess; someone would use an unfriendly word—but they always…